How to Train Your Big Data Dragon


Some couple thousand years ago, leaders of society had to risk life and limb to slay dragons. Now, it’s the data dragons they’re busy trying to tame! The prevalence of high-powered hardware and software options and an increasingly digitalized lifestyle means that all kinds of data is available for anyone to find and use.

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Customer Journey Mapping Strategies – Part 2 of 2

A detailed and diligent customer journey map can shift a business’s focus onto the customer, through research, insights, and a focus on the touchpoints the customer interacts with most. This allows businesses to find pain points and act accordingly, before massive churn occurs to save their business and move forward into the future.

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Customer Journey Mapping Strategies – Part 1 of 2


As customers interact with brands across ever more channels, almost all digitally, it’s more important than ever that companies know everything about each of those touchpoints, and how to optimize each one so they provide for a seamless experience for the customer.

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