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How customers are living your product in digital age

Now we have the power to break the digital/mobile customer experience into steps, and measure & optimize.
How customers are living your product in digital age

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    It’s no secret that the customer experience is critical to making a sale. From direct interactions with customers to the subliminal emotions they feel as they use a product, the customer experience is an important determining factor in sales, loyalty, and the survival of your business. As new technology emerges, customers consume your product in different ways and through different channels. And as a result, it’s up to you to make sure that their experience with your product or service is just as you’d want it to be if they were finding you through traditional methods. All of this means that today’s businesses need to focus on the digital customer experience. Which begs the question:

    What is the Digital Customer Experience?

    As mentioned before, the digital customer experience really is the same principle as traditional customer experience. What’s difference is mostly the number of different channels with which your customers interact with you and your product. Where traditionally you might literally only interact with a product or service at a physical location, now you’re interacting with a product on your phone, on your computer, online, offline, and many other ways.

    And as a marketer, what’s critical about this omnichannel platform experience customers go through, is that they don’t differentiate each individual experience of your product. No customer thinks, “the customer service was good but the mobile application wasn’t great, I’ll still try the product.” Instead, they form an impressive of your product that is a collective experience after the omnichannel journey they’ve gone through with your brand. What this means is that you must ensure that your customers have a consistent, positive, and smooth experience regardless of which channel they’re dealing with you from.

    Sure, but what’s changing about the digital experience?

    Many of the most developed countries feature 80% smartphone penetration already, and of course it’s reasonable for any brand to assume that those numbers will approach 100% in every country