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A Letter from Dataroid Team

Analytics is a pervasive term in just about every field or business. While plenty of businesses and business people cling to “old school” ways of doing things, there’s no question that data analytics is a part of the present and the future.

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    letter from Dataroid

    Dataroid has embraced this wholeheartedly and brings modern digital evolution to all the partners it works with across several different countries. Our expertise in the field of digital transformation is what’s led us to growing 5-fold as we’ve helped brands grow and scale up in the digital field. This notion of scaling up and growing is really what is at the heart of what Dataroid does, using big data and analytics to produce remarkable achievements. 

    But let’s dig deeper into the data on Dataroid. Who are we and where did we come from?

    Dataroid’s Roots

    Dataroid was founded 4 and a half years ago with the foresight that every business in the future would have to leave a footprint in the digital world. Dataroid saw the necessity of an enterprise-level product that could respond to the need for the interpretation and analysis of the ever increasing amount data, especially in the financial industry.

    So we founded a company with decades of expertise in digital transformation.

    The platform originally started with a team of just 30 people, calling itself “Connect.” As the Commencis team formed and grew to a team with 10+ years of experience in the field, the product began to take its current shape and the name was changed to Dataroid. 

    The team took as its starting point the role of filling a much needed void in the market. Data and digital analytics were fast becoming a critical part of every business in every field, and requisite for growth for every company. Taking data and consolidating it efficiently helps businesses capture the market better than any other method, and saves time to focus on product development and decision making capability. 

    What Dataroid does: the Dataroid difference

    Beyond this, all newly established businesses were born into a world that was already digital and mobile. As an enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform, Dataroid is able to empower these businesses to understand each of their customers and their experiences down to the minutest detail and take real-time actions to help them maneuver through the product.

    Dataroid brings together a wide variety of features, including individual customer data, behavioral analytics, application performance management, data modeling and real time engagement on a single platform to enable marketing, product and technology teams to gain end-to-end customer insights.

    It’s not just the collection of data that matters, but the way to utilize it to set goals and take action based on the results. Dataroid represents one of the most experienced and professional platforms available to any business to unlock the potential of a digital product and take it to the next level, as businesses from mid-level to large enterprises have discovered.

    Our Clients

    Over the last year and half, Dataroid has grown fivefold thanks to satisfied clients at all levels of industry, as well as active sales and marketing campaigns. We’ve helped our clients reach more than 50 million digital users and send more than 15 billion (that’s 15,000,000,000!) messages.

    Our client list includes large and medium-sized companies from the fields of banking, airlines, e-commerce, retail, and more as over 50 million users have grown to experience the difference that comes with Dataroid.

    Leading brands including:

    use Dataroid to optimize the experience they offer to their users with data-driven insights. Dataroid in turn is able to help them see exactly how their users interact with their products so that they can both increase visibility and conversions thanks to behavioral data analytics. Now, customers at every Dataroid clients are able to engage with the product thanks to relevant, real-time, personalized messaging for a user experience that encompasses their individual needs. 

    Our Collaborations & Awards

    Dataroid makes sure to work with the best companies in the world, and its collaborations reflect this commitment. These collaborations include services like the ability to measure customer interactions instantaneously and experience across digital channels, with analysis based on big data to lead to real-time action. 

    We’ve established a nearly peerless ability to create a digital analytics platform from scratch, and won numerous awards for our ability to use big data to help raise a client’s ceiling and optimize their product and customer experience. 

    Key Takeaways

    Dataroid is a company that built itself from the ground up based on a knowledge of how the future would change the business world. That’s why we’ve consistently embraced change and are always looking three steps into the future. We use the latest in technology to scale up leading brands, powered by big data and analytics. Growing our own company and collaborating with leaders in the field is a critical part of this vision, and the reason we continue to grow our own success story. 

    Now, Dataroid has offices in several different countries and we continue to build ties with clients in our bid to become one of the global leaders in analytics platforms. We know that while we can’t predict the future, we DO know that the future will be one much changed from the present, and work towards building our technological infrastructure to capture each coming zeitgeist. In part, we do this by trusting the humanity of our partners, employees, and clients and putting their own intellectual curiosity and concerns at the forefront of our business, particularly as we’ve just come through a devastating global pandemic where much of the world has learned the value of human resources more than ever. 

    This is why we’d like to end by thanking all our clients, partners, colleagues and everyone who’s supported us along this exciting journey, and welcoming anyone who’d like to join us at Dataroid and our rapidly growing digital analytics product. As we’re always growing, we’re always hiring and looking for teammates to accompany us on this exciting journey. If you’re as passionate as we are about software development, check out our openings and get in touch and let’s change the world together!

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