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What are the Key Analytics Metrics You Should Track?

You can measure just about everything these days, but unless you know exactly what you’re measuring and why, none of it will help you optimize your business. Tools like Dataroid help you avoid any painstaking data entry yourself, and give you the results you need to know how your app is performing.
What are the Key Analytics Metrics You Should Track?

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    You’ve been in the marketing business for long enough to know that data and analytics are the waves of the present and of the future. You’re fully aware that there are just about endless amounts of data that we can collect and track these days, and you’re equally aware that close to 100% of the most successful companies in the world are taking advantage of data to build their brands and grow their success. 

    What you’re perhaps LESS certain about is precise which data and which metrics you and your company should be paying the closest attention to. Regardless of whether you’re just entering the data analytics revolution or whether you’re just looking to optimize an already streamlined process, it’s critical to make sure that you’re looking at the metrics most likely to accelerate your company’s growth. We’ve helpfully compiled a quick hit list of the most important key analytics to help your company achieve its goals.

    What are Analytics Metrics and Why are They Important?

    Teams that design products and services use analytics to measure and optimize them. To do this, they use metrics, which are simply performance indicators of problem points and advantageous solutions. 

    Analytics metrics are critical because without them, companies can’t