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Tips & Tricks to build loyalty among mobile users
with analytics


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We all know that grabbing and keeping mobile users are fast becoming the holy grail of any brand strategy. Every stat regarding mobile usage, sales over mobile, conversion rates, etc. has gone up year on year for the better part of a decade.

    Daily time spent using the internet

    Mobile users have become more and more used to interacting with brands, and they’ve grown used to a set of expectations that every brand has to live up to. Specifically, they know that they can expect a personalized experience for their needs. The days of “one size fits all apps” is over, and now brands have to use every (analytical) tool at their disposal to both onboard customers, and more importantly, keep them. Today, we’re going to talk about a few tips and tricks to keeping customers once they’ve used your brand.

    Make Sure you’re Engaging Newcomers Right off the Bat

    Of course, loyalty begins the second your user hears about your brand. The first interaction any user has with your brand must include both information regarding any loyalty programs, and the reasons for that user to get excited and engaged regarding a long-term relationship with your brand. This means they must know what rewards are in store for them, and what goals they should hope to achieve moving forward. This information needs to be part and parcel of every interaction a user has with the brand, but especially with their first interactions. That first interaction needs to grab the user, and the prospect of future rewards and loyalty programs is precisely one of the tools your brand can use to motivate them to explore more.  

    As any user goes through the motions of that first interaction, you should be busy collecting real-time data to identify which types of loyalty programs they react best to, so that you can promote those and personalize the user experience, again increasing the chances that they remain loyal to your brand. 

    How to focus on Re-Engaging Inactive Users

    Of course, churn is something that can happen at any step of the customer journey. Loyalty programs are one of the primary ways that brands can overcome churn to re-engage users to turn back to their brand. Let’s look at a few ways brands can utilize the power of data analytics to use loyalty programs to re-engage users. 

    Offer Real-Time and Personalized Rewards

    Behavioral data can tell you what sorts of offers will be particularly tempting to customers with real-time information regarding their habits. Different discounts and rewards targeted for users based on their personal preferences and behaviors induce greater action and can help induce customers who may have lost engagement to come back to reclaim the reward offered to them.

    Increase User Loyalty with Multi-Channel Engagement

    This includes making sure that you’re engaging with your user across the channel that they prefer most and/or use the most for the type of behavior you’re hoping to encourage. Data can tell you whether a user is likely to respond to an email, SMS, push notification, live chat, newsfeed, banners, or whatever else. You need to have a streamlined omnichannel presence in order to be able to make sure that you catch each user in the channel they’re most comfortable using, as well as making sure that your message is consistent across them all.

    In-App Community Building

    Building a community is one of the best ways to create loyalty to a brand. Specifically, a community means your users go beyond the connection they create with your brand, and move to engaging with your brand’s entire community with a community engagement app. If your users feel connected to each other, then their shared commitment to your brand will foster brand loyalty and take it to the next level. An algorithm-based update mechanism lets you follow your users’ expectations and meet them to create a sense of community and turn each user into a loyal brand ambassador.

    Effective Usage and Tracking/Monitoring/Measuring

    In-app messages and push notifications really help inform users of loyalty rewards and programs that might be attractive to them. Analytics helps you both predict which notifications will be the most successful, and also to track their success rate in real-time and see which ones are the most effective. 

    Leverage Analytics Platforms to Develop the Right Loyalty Programs Actions

    Analytics platforms can tell you exactly how loyal your customers are at any given time, and allow you to predict what their next moves will be. Platforms like Dataroid are perfect at seeing what loyalty program action is right for the right time, and automatically taking the appropriate action.

    Key Takeaways

    Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to re-engage with customers who’ve otherwise begun to lose interest in your brand. Analytics platforms are uniquely able to focus on which loyalty rewards and programs will be most attractive to specific users. Analytics platforms with engagement tools added can then implement those programs in real-time across the channels and the methods that will appeal to each individual user’s personality.

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