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    Analytics is a pervasive term in just about every field or business. While plenty of businesses and business people cling to “old school” ways of doing things, there’s no question that data analytics is a part of the present and the future.
    Marketing Analytics and Product Analytics: What are they and do you need them?
    Most businesses these days have figured out that data is the way to move their business forward. Technology and analytics have become keywords thrown about in business meetings, often by people who don’t even know what all the terminology they’re using means exactly. But regardless, collecting more data and the proper analysis have become an indelible part of just about any modern business.
    oil gas industry customer loyalty
    It is well-known that gas and oil companies are slower than other industries to adopt technology and create a solid digital transformation strategy. The ageing of operating systems and the complexity of data were some of the reasons that hindered the potential for digital transformation.
    key analytics metrics
    Compared to other industries, financial services and banking industry are largely data driven. It’s no secret that banks are now processing big data to make smart business decisions. Increased consumer engagement with digital platforms and the expectation of seamless experiences across all channels, are driving future customer experience design for many industries.
    Customer Journey Mapping Strategies – Part 2 of 2
    A detailed and diligent customer journey map can shift a business’s focus onto the customer, through research, insights, and a focus on the touchpoints the customer interacts with most. This allows businesses to find pain points and act accordingly, before massive churn occurs to save their business and move forward into the future.
    benefits of customer journey mapping
    Customer journey mapping is a process whereby the entire experience of your customer(s) is mapped out touchpoint by touchpoint. What this does is let you easily visualize exactly what your customer is going through as they discover your project, and therefore see how to optimize the experience for them.

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