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Some couple thousand years ago, leaders of society had to risk life and limb to slay dragons. Now, it’s the data dragons they’re busy trying to tame! The prevalence of high-powered hardware and software options and an increasingly digitalized lifestyle means that all kinds of data is available for anyone to find and use.
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    benefits of customer journey mapping
    Customer journey mapping is a process whereby the entire experience of your customer(s) is mapped out touchpoint by touchpoint. What this does is let you easily visualize exactly what your customer is going through as they discover your project, and therefore see how to optimize the experience for them.
    Customer Journey Mapping Strategies – Part 2 of 2
    A detailed and diligent customer journey map can shift a business’s focus onto the customer, through research, insights, and a focus on the touchpoints the customer interacts with most. This allows businesses to find pain points and act accordingly, before massive churn occurs to save their business and move forward into the future.
    As customers interact with brands across ever more channels, almost all digitally, it’s more important than ever that companies know everything about each of those touchpoints, and how to optimize each one so they provide for a seamless experience for the customer.
    delivering the right message
    Now that many actions are taken mobile, marketers are leveraging information from multiple sources correctly and identifying actionable insights. For this, it needs the necessary technology.
    The Future is History: Using Historical Data to Foresee Your Campaign’s Results Before its Launch
    Marketing is a field that once was based much more on experience, feel, and the random notions of top executives. That’s the case no longer, as predictive analytics has taken over marketing, leading to campaigns being more tailored – and successful – than ever before.
    Reimagining Customer Engagement Strategies for Banking
    The modern consumer is on a million different channels for a total omnichannel experience, and it’s critical for banks to optimize this customer experiences across those channels and engage with them.
    How to create amazing customer omnichannel experiences with omnichannel engagement
    Omnichannel management allows you to understand the customer journey with personalization, real-time contextual engagement, and a data driven analysis.
    How to ensure your mobile marketing campaign adheres to modern best practices
    As smart phone use goes to another level every single year, marketing trends have followed suit to promote more and more mobile marketing campaigns.
    push notifications
    The fact that push notifications can be so useful, but also require precisely tailored optimization strategies means you should make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing when you use them to engage customers.
    digital customer experience
    Now we have the power to break the digital/mobile customer experience into steps, and measure & optimize.
    blog cover
    Mobile apps bring a more trackable experience, where every step produces data.
    A guide to understanding how location-based targeting & geofencing works and how it can benefit digital marketers.
    Understanding the Importance of Personalized Notifications
    A guide to personalized notifications and how they can be used to drive conversions
    Increase your engagement by using your ideal unique customer profile
    Who's the ideal, unique profile for you and how they can increase
    Engage your customers the right way, at the right time, in the right place: In-App Messaging
    On some level, of course you know that every user is exactly like you are. We all discover new products all the time and we know first-hand how fickle our own purchasing decisions can be sometimes.
    How to boost revenue in the post Covid-19 world
    A guide for Retailers, E-commerce & Online Delivery players

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