Grow your business with actionable customer intelligence

Dataroid empowers enterprises to enhance every individual customer experience through analytics and omnichannel engagement capabilities


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Unified Customer Data Platform

Collect user events from your digital platform and unify the data from offline channels to reach a single customer view

Digital Experience Analytics

Analyze customer behavior across all platforms and understand how your customers behave

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Connect with your customers across your platforms at the right time, at the right place

Enterprise-level analytics and engagement platform for significantly better customer experience

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million daily processed events
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billion data points of daily data processing capacity
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million digital users is being reached daily


Pull any customer-related data in seconds, reach a unique customer profile

Better understand your customers and how they interact with your brand across channels


Actionable customer insights and intelligence powered by data science​

Dig deeper on customer journeys with extensive digital experience and performance analytics


Deliver personal, timely and relevant communication​

Deliver your messages in a very moment that your customers are most likely to respond


Boost Conversion & Sales

Use behavioral data to better target customers, find out which customers are more likely to purchase, and trigger an offer at the right time.

Enhance Customer Experience

Understand your customers’ experience across your channels, fix their pain points and enrich with relevant communication.

Improve Engagement & Retention

Identify the customers that have churn potential, act before their cancellation and increase customer retention.

Optimise Technology Costs

Monitor your application performance and proactively identify critical network or performance related issues.

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