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isbank dataroid case study

İşbank uses Dataroid to create an outstanding customer experience across its digital touch points

Türkiye iş bankası
İşbank, the first national bank of Turkey, has always been the pioneer on adapting new technologies. Addressing shifting customer experiences and competition on innovation, İşbank decided to invest in the big data analytics and engagement platform Dataroid.


Customer level data integration

In financial industry, it is crucial to have an integrated solution coming from multiple data sources. İşbank is one of the largest financial institutions in Turkey and its mobile applications have more than 2.5 million daily active users. Therefore, there is always room for improvement in integration capabilities, unifying experience of the users from multiple digital platforms and creating a consistent customer experience. 

Due to the size, quality, and complexity of the big data of all digital interactions of the customers, there are technical and regulatory dependencies for collecting and processing this data.

Developing analytics to understand customer behaviour

İşbank aimed to understand the user behaviour across its multiple touch points and provide a seamless user experience. Having millions of digital users and big data on customer interactions, transactions, and profiles, İşbank needed to build the ability to generate, aggregate, analyze the data and take the necessary actions.

Gathering customer insights, obtaining deep insight on customer experience, and taking real-time actions

As the need of analyzing comprehensive full customer journeys within the touch points is increasing, taking immediate and personalized real-time actions become more crucial to create relevant experiences for each customer. Real-time customer segmentation and offering personalized experience for customer needs is one of the major priorities of the bank.

“Dataroid helps us to get insights into digital user experiences derived from real-time analysis based on behavioral data. By collecting millions of data points across our digital platforms, we offer our customers a seamless experience by meeting their expectations immediately and designing contextual solutions.”

Yalçın Sezen

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, İşbank


İşbank has collaborated with Dataroid, to improve every individual customer experience through deep customer insight, data science modelling and personalized engagement. Dataroid has given Işbank the ability of adapting the new trends in customer experience technologies and transform generalized approaches to personalized actions and position its customers as the focal point of all decisions.

Integrating multiple digital touch points of İşbank to Dataroid

İşbank’s banking app İşCep, Maximum Mobil and corporate website are all integred to Dataroid platform. With Dataroid data, being pulled through İşbank’s digital platforms automatically, common paths and funnel analytics features are used for detecting the steps which users drop as well as tracking how they behave within the touch points. İşbank’s customer experience team prioritizes their CX effort to understand which operational and transactional factors are creating systemic issues and opportunities through digital touch points and proactively reach out customers by using the in-app feature capability.

Leveraging common paths, funnel analytics and in-app scenarios to engage with digital users in a more meaningful way

Dataroid is designed to provide full customer journey analysis, gain insights, and incorporate these insights into a real-time decision-making process. It provides features to monitor large user traffic, customer journey and create a seamless experience by designing contextual in-app scenarios and solve real-time issues. By using Dataroid’s common paths and funnel analytics features, İşbank is able to understand at which stages users drop and to track how they behave within the app. Many contextual in-app scenarios are created to solve real time problems of users and help them gain smooth customer experience.

Boosting customer engagement with contextual in-app messages

İşbank delivers more contextual and personalized customer experiences by tying its communication messages based on their real-time behaviour through various digital platforms. In-app messages are created to guide customers in real- time or inform them about the product or other issues.

Creating a frictionless customer experience on digital channels

Dataroid’s application performance monitoring capability helps İşbank to identify most significant pain points, technical issues, and frequency of user’s interaction with the errors that impact user experience and take corrective actions.

The platform enables immediate intervention on digital products in an incident without any technical development.


the digital journey of 10 million customers were analyzed and 12 billion events were tracked monthly in the past year

more than 1 million interactions through informative in-app scenarios were created to inform targeted customers and direct their journeys seamlessly

over 38 million interactions with 100 contextual action scenarios were created and 500k product applications on digital touch points were completed without requiring physical contact

the number of İşbank customer complaints, call center and branch traffic reduced significantly.


0 %

conversion rate of digital users visiting gold savings account page with ‘Open an account now’ message

0 %

conversion rate of customers who exceeded credit card limit in a transaction and offered instant limit increase

0 K

the number of customers who’ve updated their digital channel usage preferences during the pandemic without going to the branch

0 %

the percentage of mobile app users who got their credit risk report when they saw its availability through in-app messaging

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