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Unilever chooses Commencis to boost growth and customer experience on digital channels

Unilever to use Commencis Dataroid, the enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform, to optimise customer experience and drive growth through its digital channels.

Aug 31, 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

Commencis today announces that its enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform Dataroid has been chosen by Unilever Turkey to better understand user behaviour across digital channels, enhance customer experience with multi-channel engagement and drive growth with real-time marketing. Dataroid helps enterprises to enhance every individual customer experience through deep customer insight, data science modelling, and omnichannel customer engagement.

The platform enables full understanding of how users interact with Unilever’s B2B and B2C digital channels and allows Unilever to deliver personalized engagements with users through web, app push and in-app messaging. The solution by Dataroid will assist in increasing conversion rates, optimizing digital user experience and maximise customer satisfaction. Dataroid will accelerate its market penetration by adding this strategic business partnership with Unilever.

Çağla Taşkeser, Assistant B2B Manager at Unilever Turkey commented, “Gaining a better understanding of users’ digital journeys and developing connections with consumers through digital engagement is very critical to us. Thanks to Commencis and its Dataroid platform now we can easily inform and engage with our users on latest campaigns and new products. Dataroid has significantly increased our conversion rates both on our web and mobile channels and has enabled us to give our customers and partners much better service.”

Elif Parlak, Head of Sales and Growth at Dataroid said, “Having more than 20 years of know-how and experience in digital transformation and product development, we’ve developed our big data analytics and customer engagement platform Dataroid to help enterprises grow their business and improve customer loyalty. We are excited to assist one of the leading FMCG companies, Unilever in improving their customers’ experience as they further enhance their digital channels. We believe that with Dataroid we will contribute to their ability to deliver an excellent digital customer experience.”

Dataroid platform is already used by medium to very large enterprises in financial services, airlines and retail to reshape the experience of over 25 million users.

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