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OPET enhances its customer experience using Dataroid, a platform that focuses on interaction management and big data analytics

OPET, a prominent fuel distribution company in Turkey, continues its commitment to a customer-centric business approach through the utilization of the Dataroid platform, focused on interaction management and leveraging big data analytics.

Istanbul, Turkey

April 11, 2022

Under the collaboration, OPET effectively integrates with all digital channels through Dataroid, enabling detailed analysis of user behaviors. Additionally, leveraging Dataroid’s behavioral user segmentation capability, OPET can execute targeting scenarios based on various criteria such as user profiles, location, and in-app activities. This allows for a better understanding of users and provides an opportunity to enhance the digital customer experience.

To enhance its customer loyalty program, OPET provides a tailored experience to its users through personalized notifications and in-app messages facilitated by Dataroid. Additionally, this approach allows them to identify and resolve any encountered errors effectively.

elirf parlak murat zengin opet dataroid iş birliği

Murat Zengin, the Deputy General Manager Responsible for Marketing at OPET, stated, “We are at the forefront of technology utilization within Turkey’s fuel industry, setting ourselves apart with numerous technological advancements. At OPET, we prioritize digitalization efforts, viewing them as paramount. Alongside the innovative products and services, we create, we systematically assess our operational procedures in alignment with digital transformation requirements and implement diverse applications. Our ongoing pursuit involves delivering more personalized services to our customers through pioneering applications developed as part of our digital transformation strategy. Our collaboration with Dataroid, among these strategic initiatives, empowers us to deepen our understanding of customers and elevate their OPET experience.”

Elif Parlak, the Director of Sales and Growth at Dataroid, emphasized, “Personalized experiences were already a major trend in the tech industry pre-pandemic. However, they now hold even greater significance in influencing decision-making. In sectors like oil and energy with numerous major players, every customer is exceptionally valuable. Dataroid is designed to optimize brand availability through the most suitable channels, seamlessly integrating with digital infrastructures using SDKs and offline channels through ready-made APIs. This integration allows for centralized management of customer interactions across numerous channels on a single platform.” Parlak expressed excitement about the substantial role Dataroid, an extensive big data processing product, will play in enhancing the user experience for OPET, a platform with over 50 thousand daily unique visitors on mobile and web channels in Turkey.

Dataroid, utilized by numerous large and medium-sized companies as well as startups across various domains such as e-commerce, financial technologies, and airlines, is shaping the digital experience of over 40 million users.

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