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İşbank awarded Two Golden Sardis Awards, in cooperation with Dataroid

İstanbul, Türkiye

1 October 2021

The award ceremony took place online on September 30, 2021, whereby financial projects that make life easier with the innovations they bring to the finance sector, as well as adding value to the sector with the most creative and innovative works, were awarded. The awards were divided into the main categories of Innovation, Innovative Use of Finance and Financial Technologies, Creativity, and Positive Social Impact. İşbank was chosen as the Most Innovative Institution of the Year with Dataroid Digital Analysis and the Action Platform Project; it was also selected under the category of the Most Innovative Use of Financial Technologies of the Year with Dataroid Digital Analysis Platform Project.

İşbank continues to be Turkey’s leading digital bank, providing its customers with solutions and experiences with the right content at the right time from a personalized perspective thanks to the AI-supported data analytics and customer engagement platform Dataroid. The bank takes real-time actions by measuring customer interaction and experience in different digital channels instantly; it conducts big data analyses in collaboration with Dataroid.

We are delighted to have contributed to İşbank being named the Most Innovative Institution of the Year, as well as receiving the Most Innovative Use of Financial Technologies of the Year award, at the Sardis Awards 2021; it also received two Golden Sardis Awards at the same time.

We will continue to strengthen İşbank’s digital customer experience with Dataroid features, such as AI-supported digital analytics and multi-channel customer interaction management, in the upcoming periods.

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