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Make your campaigns personal with geo-targeting

Trigger messages based on customer behaviors and real-time location to better connect with your customers and increase relevancy of your campaigns.


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Whether you’re looking to get a greater customer insight or create one to one personalized communication, Dataroid provide tools you need to turn data into insight and action.


Better conversion with more relevant communication

Dataroid helps marketers to improve their business results by better targeting customers based on their real-time location.

  • Apply a discount for store visitors
  • Encourage credit card usage by reminding the campaigns at partner location
  • Offer personal credit option when a user enters a store


Offer right products at the right time, at the right place

By targeting customers based on their real-time location, marketers increase their relevancy and better connect with their customers.

  • Offer car insurance for customers visiting car dealerships
  • Promotion of seat upgrade before flight to the customers at the airport


Enhance customer loyalty and retention

Building strong connection with customers requires timely communication and engagement.

  • Introduce new products to the customers that enter to the store
  • Offer “store companion” providing product recommendations and reviews


Improve customer experience with timely communication

Customer experience teams can use real-time location data to trigger communication to their customers visiting a branch, store or at the airport.

  • Send a welcome message to the customers that enter the branch
  • Survey customers about the branch / store / delivery service

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