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Commencis enhances Marketyo's online shopping platform's digital customer experience by integrating Dataroid

Istanbul, Turkey

Apr 1, 2021

Marketyo, Turkey’s rapidly growing online retail platform, collaborates with Commencis’ interaction management and big data analytics platform, Dataroid, to measure and enhance the digital customer experience, as well as track interactions with customers.

Marketyo, an online grocery shopping platform, extends its services to over 400 delivery locations, catering to 350,000 users across 55 provinces. The platform offers a personalized online grocery experience for its users and facilitates member markets in venturing into e-commerce. In collaboration with Unilever, MarketYo was introduced to consumers in May 2020 and experienced rapid growth, swiftly becoming one of the most extensively available applications among the new generation retail apps.

Dataroid provides marketing and product managers in companies with a unified platform for analyzing and managing customer interactions. Marketyo, an online grocery shopping platform, utilizes Dataroid to promptly assess customer interaction and experiences across its digital channels. This enables real-time decision-making and the provision of a tailored experience to its users.

firat isbecer firat ozer

Marketyo’s CEO, Özer Fırat, expressed the following regarding the partnership: “Personalization is at the core of Marketyo’s commitment to delivering high-quality service. Each shopper has unique preferences for products. With Dataroid, we conduct real-time analysis based on behavioral data, gaining insights into users’ interactions and experiences within the mobile application. This allows us to engage with users instantly and recommend the most fitting campaigns and products to them. Additionally, we swiftly identify any issues our users may encounter in the app and take immediate action to ensure a seamless purchase process. Over the past 6 months, we have successfully increased the order volume through the app by up to 15 percent using targeted notifications through the Dataroid platform. Aligned with our aim to expand to 81 provinces and 500 delivery points by the end of 2021, we are thrilled to partner with a robust collaborator like Commencis to enhance the digital customer experience. We firmly believe that Dataroid will play a vital role as one of our key allies in this journey.”

Fırat İşbecer, co-founder and CEO of Commencis, commented on the matter: “In the retail sector