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PepsiCo strengthens customer engagement on its large-scale digital promotion app KazandıRio

PepsiCo one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies serving more than 200 countries around the world with a global portfolio of diverse and beloved brands in Turkey, has invested heavily in digital innovation and data analytics capabilities to stay ahead of the evolving consumer marketplace. 


In today’s highly competitive digital world, grabbing user attention and building strong relationships is no easy feat. Therefore, PepsiCo’s digital marketing & product teams made the decision to leverage powerful customer engagement technologies to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts, build sustainable and delightful relationships with their users.  

PepsiCo created “KazandıRio”, Turkey’s most comprehensive and large-scale digital promotion app in line with its efforts to boost digital innovation. KazandıRio, which saves its customers and employees, especially its consumers, from the difficulties of collecting caps and coupons, has been selected as one of the best global PepsiCo apps in the world. They envisioned an interactive mobile experience for customers that would reward them for their loyalty. For PepsiCo, the goal was to work out how to boost usage of KazandıRio, and drive stronger engagement with their brands.  

Before using Dataroid: 

  • PepsiCo was having difficulty in creating static audiences for unsaved data information in the host app. To support this need and to scale further, they needed to consider how they could cluster the data and send targeted personalized push notifications.  
  • Secondly, they wanted to have a dynamic way to create an audience of users who have clicked through the ruleset. 
  • Since KazandıRio has a huge number of users, PepsiCo also had to find a way to increase interaction with end-users. So, the team was challenged with creating engagement set-ups and sending personalized messages for users who complete the expected action, in this case, for users who enter the geofence area within the retail network. 
  • Lastly, the leading food and beverage company needed to find a way to ensure continuous communication with users based on their past and future actions performed on the mobile app. 

By switching to Dataroid, the KazandıRio team aimed to further understand user life cycle, better optimize campaigns in real-time, increase online participation of offline promotions and make sure all transactions are being realized over the mobile app. Moving forward with Dataroid, the leading food and beverage company has succeeded to connect more effectively with consumers and app users on a single digital platform, KazandıRio. 

“By capturing and analyzing more granular consumer-level data with Dataroid, we can understand our digital users in a more individualized way to both personalize communication and target our audience in the right location at the right time with the right message. We are able to carry on our existing operations more effectively and efficiently, as well as providing our consumers with additional value and flawless experiences that increases their engagement & satisfaction. ”

Didem Namver

Senior Head of Digital, PepsiCo


Increased customer engagement, retention, and revenue with contextual in-app messages & push notifications

By delivering personalized and contextual messaging across multiple channels through in-app messages and push notifications, Dataroid enabled PepsiCo to execute promotional campaigns while making sure KazandıRio users have a more valuable and seamless experience. With Dataroid, PepsiCo team created many segmented scenarios to use the power of contextual & personalized notifications and has driven incredible results.  These scenarios were aimed to: 

  • Remind first-time users to scan the promotional code if they haven’t yet 
  • Prevent possible churn by segmenting users who scan codes at a certain frequency and sending them push notifications when the frequency range is exceeded. 
  • Send personalized offers to users based on transaction and browsing history 
  • Direct users who join in beverage campaigns but not in snack campaigns to snack campaigns (or reverse) 
  • Enable users to scan the code at the maximum level 

Improved user experience

PepsiCo needed to find a way to learn more about how its users are interacting with the brand and engaging with the communication. Through the various digital experience analytics capabilities of Dataroid, the company is now able to have an end-to-end understanding of the KazandıRio users. Dataroid helps PepsiCo to track its users’ actions at every step of their journey while staying in touch with them, and by doing so, the company has continuously improved the user experience. KazandıRio sent personalized content to its users to ensure the very best experience: 

  • Reminding users who did not complete the remaining stages of the promotion process as the end-date approaches 
  • Encouraging users to donate the expired gifts or join in another campaign who lost their chance due to not using it on time. 
  • Reminding users of their promotions if they haven’t used them yet. 
  • Testing capabilities improved campaign strategies as PepsiCo tested what outreach resonated best with KazandıRio users 

Enhanced marketing with geofencing

PepsiCo targets the right audience at the right place and the right time to inform users of the promotions at the local stores and recommend products that are nearby. With Dataroid, the team enabled location-based campaigns; they encouraged users through in-app messaging if they were reachable within the geofence area. Users are quickly segmented through their online behavior; based on their interest in the donation and gifting features, and all other browsing history on the KazandıRio.  


Increased active user number through segmented push notifications

Improved user satisfaction with omnichannel customer engagement

Increased app store ratings

Improved decision making with data


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