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OPET turns to Dataroid to increase user retention and loyalty with cross-channel marketing

OPET, the fastest and the most consistently growing petroleum company of the last decade, sustains its rapid growth by keeping up with the latest technological changes in every business unit. OPET features more than 700K digital users and 1675 stations under the brand of OPET and SUNPET.


OPET needed a data analytics solution to empower the new mobile app by tracking and understanding the user behaviour. The goal was to drive user engagement up, while delivering more personalized and relevant experiences.

OPET aimed to:

  • Increase the number of daily active -and unique users
  • Be proactive toward possible errors
  • Accelerate adoption of new features and loyalty programs
  • Ensure a seamless mobile payment process
  • Increase app stickiness
  • Provide an experience that keeps mobile and web users engaged
  • Get a pulse on what engagement approach gets the best response
  • Keep continuously digital channels up to date
  • Grow revenue by presenting the newest products at the right time

Therefore, OPET decided to put a larger emphasis on mobile and set out to optimize its mobile engagement strategy. The petroleum company wanted to increase engagement and loyalty among its customers by pursuing a customer-centric digital strategy that included all digital channels – web, iOS, and Android. By benefiting from Dataroid, OPET was able to track user behaviour across all channels through detailed dashboards.

The unified customer data platform of Dataroid let OPET have a better understanding of online user behaviour, thus the company segmented its users through their cross-platform journeys. With behavioural segmentation capability, OPET now delivers highly relevant personalized push notifications and in-app messages resulting in conversions.

“Dataroid provides us with an incredible number of mobile app analytics capabilities. It has proven to be a very functional platform for our UX, product, and marketing teams since Dataroid helps us to see the whole user life cycle and nudge users to take a specific action whether that’s to make an online payment or shop through the app. ”

Burak Pala

Marketing Technologies and Non-Fuel Retail Planning Manager, OPET


Boosting app engagement through message targeting and automation

OPET uses Dataroid to drive meaningful engagement throughout the user life cycle via push notifications and in-app messages. With intelligently triggered notifications, OPET welcomes its customers to the station. 

Using Dataroid Instant Push Notification, OPET guides users through personalized automation. By sending instant push notifications to users who completes the refuelling process at the station, the company ensures a seamless mobile payment experience without making the users to leave their automobiles.

In addition to the push notifications, OPET pairs in-app messages and rich content to deliver a better customer experience to OPET users. Since in-app messages are highly contextual and relevant, they appear as a direct result of behaviour. Bearing this in mind, OPET sent a reminder in-app message of seat belt use to users who visited the website or mobile application during the feast of sacrifice. The message was shown about 14K times to more than 132K unique users.

Driving traffic with new Otobil product launch message

By reaching users via different channels and displaying promotional pop-ups of Otobil, OPET successfully engaged with users in a more direct and high-impression way. On top, directing users to the application page, OPET managed to increase product adoption by 5% through the product promotion in-app messages. The Otobil pop-ups had an interaction with more than 18K OPET users.

Leveraging insights to build amazing campaigns

Since Dataroid allowed OPET to create customizable dashboards with unique metrics, the petroleum company can review campaign performances briefly. With Dataroid, OPET captures data, analyses it, and acts on insights it offers. With 20K daily active users on web channels, the company launched a campaign on a prominent TV show; and by using Dataroid, OPET monitored and reported the campaign outcomes on a minute-by-minute basis within cross channels.


Kept users active & engaged

Provided greater insight into optimal send times and other conversion drivers

Increased app traffic with preshow alerts and release announcements

Advanced product life cycle


0 %

decrease in mobile app uninstalls within one month of using Dataroid

0 %

boost in conversions on days OPET sends a Otobil push notification

0 %

increase in mobile app & web sessions compared to last month

0 K

people on the OPET app

0 K

unique daily web & mobile app visitors

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