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NAOS boosts retention and keeps app use high by using Dataroid


Founded in 1977, NAOS has built a name for itself as one of the prime skincare company in cosmetics. Putting the Human at the core, the French company NAOS is present in 130 countries with the brands Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur.


A major player in skincare, NAOS needed to understand how they could deliver a seamless customer experience to its app users to keep driving retention and growth. Finding an answer to this question revealed that NAOS needed to come up with improved effective communication and behavioral data analytics strategy. Thus, the skincare brand was challenged with creating an excellent customer experience with an enhanced loyalty program and keeping its users up to date while ensuring an effective communication strategy.

“Dataroid allows us to provide the best user experience possible, and we are aware that this process begins with understanding the mobile behavior of our customers. With Dataroid’s digital experience analytics and omnichannel customer engagement capabilities, we can deliver a customized experience while improving and growing our relationship with our users. ”

Bayram Kaymak

Country Manager, NAOS Turkey


Enabling real-time feedback and insights

NAOS was aware of the data that they get from collecting customer feedback in real-time can not only help them to change their user’s experience in real-time, but also using those insights to find patterns when collating all the feedback and making excellent changes.

With Dataroid, NAOS has the chance to gather instant feedbacks and insights to track customer satisfaction with a survey via in-app messaging.

Strengthening user relations with personalized and contextual communication

The skincare brand NAOS is keeping retention and app use high by using Dataroid’s customizable push notification and in-app messaging capabilities to engage with users and inform them about force updates to keep them using the app seamlessly. 

By doing this, the company was able to provide timely support for users who experienced an error in their lifecycle while using the app.