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What is Mobile App Analytics? & Why We Need Them?
What is Mobile App Analytics & Why We Need Them

What is Mobile App Analytics? & Why We Need Them?

The era of analytics is upon us. More data than ever before is at our fingertips in every field under the sun. Web analytics have long been the focus of marketing professionals eager to learn more about their customer’s habits and capitalize on the analysis.
But, as you’ve no doubt noticed from your own habits, customers are interacting less and less on desktop and more and more across mobile platforms, giving rise to the need for mobile analytics rather than (or at least in complement with) web analytics. The world was already going more and more mobile, but the COVID-19 pandemic took things to another level. 

Mobile analytics is simply the modes of analysis of the mountains of data that come back from customer’s app usage. 

In What is Mobile App Analytics? & Why We Need Them? e-book, you can have detailed information about the following contents: 

  • Introduction 
  • Why is mobile analytics important? 
  • What is Mobile Analytics? 
  • How do they differ from Web Analytics? 
  • How do Mobile Analytics work? 
  • Why do companies need analytics? 
  • Which critical questions can mobile app analytics answer? 
  • How Different Teams Use Mobile App Analytics? 
  • Conclusion 

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