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A Short Guide to Digital Experience Analytics for Product & Marketing Professionals

There are two reasons that data has become so paramount to marketing. The first is the sheer influx of the amount of data. Now we can track views, clicks, downloads, and so much more, as well as reach customers on a daily basis, a far cry from olden days of physical interactions and cash transactions. But more importantly for the purposes of this guide is the way that interpretation and analysis of this data can be used to improve the customer experience.
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Data analysis gives us concrete evidence for why customers are retained or churned as opposed to educated guesswork. This is specifically because we have data regarding every action a customer does or doesn’t take across digital channels, meaning every single step of their digital experience can be tracked down to the minutest detail. The problem comes in that this data can be a little opaque at times.
How do you go through the mountains of data to determine why customers are churning at one consistent touchpoint? What do you tell your developers to change, specifically, even if you know that there’s a problem? And how do you use analytics to fix such problems?  

A Short Guide to Digital Experience Analytics aims to answer a few of these questions as we detail exactly what digital experience analytics is and how it helps marketing and product teams. Here is the content of this guide:  

  • Introduction 
  • What is Digital Experience Analytics? 
  • What does this Analytics Dashboard Entail? 
  • User Path Analytics 
  • Using Funnel Analytics to Prevent Churn 
  • Application Performance Monitoring for Problem Solving Excellence 
  • Solving the Unsolvable: Uninstallation Tracking 
  • Conclusion 

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