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Istanbul, Turkey

Senior Data Scientist


Come join us and be part of our exciting journey at Dataroid!
The award-winning big data analytics and engagement platform Dataroid empowers leading brands to better understand every individual customer experience and take real-time actions. Leveraging unified customer data platform, behavioral analytics, application monitoring, and data science modelling capabilities, Dataroid enables marketers, product owners, and technology professionals to gain real-time visibility of customer journeys and gather customer intelligence.
As Turkey’s most exciting and fast-growing data analytics platform, we welcome new challenges. We are curious to explore new technologies and ready to impact industries globally. We are on a mission to help businesses unleash the potential of digital with data and create seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. And we need a great team to do that.
Apply today and be part of our exciting journey!
The position in a nutshell:
Dataroid is in search of a Senior Data Scientist who will be part of our intelligence and engagement platform “Dataroid” product team.
If you are willing and interested to work on data and drive value, feel comfortable learning on the job, have outstanding communication skills, and love taking a goal and deliver on it, keep reading… 

Key Responsibilities:

    • Leading, designing, and implementing highly scalable streaming and batch data pipelines to enable data science applications 
    • Leading, designing, and implementing Dataroid AI products 
    • Driving discussions with senior team members regarding trade-offs, best practices, project management, and risk mitigation 
    • Working with data scientists, a customer success team, and technical as well as business stakeholders of clients to deliver tailored AI solutions. 
    • Conducting code reviews and providing feedback within the Data Engineering & Science Team

Skills & Qualifications:

    • BSc/MSc/Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field 
    • MSc or Ph.D. in Machine Learning is preferred  
    • Experience as a Software Engineer and data scientist/engineer 
    • Strong knowledge of JVM (Java, Scala, or Kotlin) languages, proficient in Python  
    • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms 
    • Working experience with relational and non-relational databases, key-value stores, and search engines (Hadoop, Hive, Elasticsearch, Druid, etc.)  
    • Working knowledge of application and system availability, scalability, and distributed data platforms 
    • Experience with industry-standard CI/CD tools 
    • Preferably experience with cloud technologies and data offerings of cloud providers
    • Git-workflow proficiency 
    • Passion for Big (Petabytes worth) Data 
    • Working experience with Apache stack – Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka 
    • Having MLOps experience is a plus 

The enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform Dataroid helps enterprises to enhance every individual customer experience through deep customer insight, data science modelling, and omnichannel marketing.

Dataroid is already used by medium to very large enterprises in financial services, airlines and retail to reshape the experience of over 40 million users.