Unified Customer Data Platform

Automated Event Collection

Automatically capture 
every interaction

Unified Customer Profile

Get a single customer view

Data Privacy & Security

 customer data

Export Manager

Export data
to other tools

 Experience Analytics

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze and monitor
your metrics

Funnel Analytics

Understand where
 you lose your users

User Path Analytics

Visualize how your 
users navigate

Performance Monitoring

Monitor errors and 
technical issues

Uninstallation Tracking

Pinpoint unique users
who uninstall your app

Customer Engagement

Behavioral Segmentation

Use behavioral data for targeting

In-app Messaging & Surveys

Create custom
in-app messages

Push Notification

Send targeted 
push notifications

Real-time Event Triggering

Use event-based


Target users based
on real-time location

App Inbox API

Deliver messages inside
the app inbox



Churn Prediction

Identify users with
 churn potential

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies
in daily behavior

Event-Based Modelling

Predict customers who are likely to make a specific transaction